An art gallery.
A particular physical business or branch of an organization. Examples of LocalBusiness include a restaurant, a particular branch of a restaurant chain, a branch of a bank, a medical practice, a club, a bowling alley, etc.
Entities that have a somewhat fixed, physical extension.
The most generic type of item.
The proposal Vertex House is bringing art to all, affordable, and give good new artists a chance to exhibit their work. The gallery is a mixture of shop with design and exhibition space. In the collection more than 66 contemporary artists such as Mozart Fernandes, Monica Rodrigues Fernandes, Rodrigo Branco, Márcio Moreno, Mother nature, Thiago Goms, Rodrigo Machado, Gilvan Barreto and William Callegari.

The mailing address.
The geographic coordinates of a place or event.
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Rua dos Pinheiros Pinheiros SP São Paulo