An art gallery.
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Entities that have a somewhat fixed, physical extension.
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Casa Galeria is a contemporary art gallery located in São Paulo, Brazil. It was created in 2005 and in 2015 artist and entrepreneur Milenna Saraiva became it's runner bringing a new vision to add in the art scene of São Paulo city. Our objective is to provide a solid platform for new and emerging artists who shine for a consistent and expressive body of work. We thrive to promote artistic diversity with an intense cultural exchange through regular art shows. We support all forms of artistic expression such as, photography, painting, sculpture, video-art, graffiti, installation, performance, etc. We are building a free experimentation territory that challenges the ever so fascinating contemporary art world. We want to be a bridge between artists and the public, presenting the most creative, original, unusual, thought provoking and beautiful works of art created by the artists we represent.
Welcome to the Casa Galeria! Our casa es su casa.

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Avenida São Camilo, 980, L8, Granja Viana Granja Viana Cotia São Paulo