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São Paulo

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The São Paulo Museum of Modern Art is a non-profit civil society institution in the public interest founded in 1948. Its collection contains more than 5,000 works by the most representative modern and contemporary artists, principally Brazilian ones. Both the collection and exhibitions give special emphasis to the experimental and are open to the diversity nature of art around the world and of the interests of contemporary societies.

The main exhibitions take place in two rooms and follow an annual schedule divided into four seasons. Other shows are regularly staged in the library and the main corridor, which is the location for the Wall Project installations program. The exhibition schedule also includes a DJ in residence program to promote experimental sound projects in the internal parts of the museum.

Every two years, the MAM stages the Panorama of Brazilian Art, exhibition that is the result of a mapping of contemporary art production in all the regions of the country. Growing interest in Brazilian art around the world has made the Panorama an important exhibition on the international art circuit.

The museum also has a wide-ranging program of other activities, including courses, seminars, talks, performances, concerts, video sessions and arts workshops. The content of the exhibitions and these activities is open to all, by way of audio-guides, video-guides and translation into Brazilian sign language.


The MAM is located in the Ibirapuera Park, the most important green area in São Paulo. The building was adapted by Lina Bo Bardi and, apart from the exhibition rooms, has a studio, a library, an auditorium, a restaurant and a shop. The museum spaces are visually integrated into the Sculpture Garden, designed by Roberto Burle Marx to display works from the collection. All parts of the building have access for people with special needs.


The works in the collection are exhibited in temporary shows staged at the MAM and other institutions, in Brazil and overseas. The museum has a policy of permanently up-dating, conserving and expanding the collection.

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Parque do Ibirapuera, Portão 3 Ibirapuera São Paulo São Paulo